We are a small design and development company working at the border of technology and User Experience. As well as consulting we also develop some of our own applications and games

What we do

User Experience

For us it’s about identifying the users’ core goals and addressing those (and only those) as smoothly as possible. Everything that doesn’t address those core goals reduces the User Experience.

Interaction Design

We specailize in multimodal interaction. Sensors, haptics, etc. that’s our stuff. But User Experience isn’t about the technology – you can sometimes create great experiences from poor technology! We like to get in deep – we love designing sensor algorithms.

Motion Design

Designing static application views and animating transitions between them isn’t enough anymore. Motion design adds to the User Experience by both adding to users’ understanding of the UI, and bringing fun and delight. Motion design shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be a fundamental part of the UI design process.


Rapid prototyping and iteration is how we work. We can quickly find out what works and what doesn’t and modify the design accordingly. Typically lots of new ideas pop-up based on a prototype. Prototypes are also a great specification for developers – with a prototype to copy, development can be faster and higher quality because basics are already worked out and there are less surprizes.


We’re really good at injecting radical ideas. Of course they’re not all good… but it takes one really good idea!


Ideas are cheap! Innovation isn’t really worth much if it can’t be productized. Knowing how to move ideas forward, step-by-step towards productization is essential.


Our main focus is mobile application development (and we love games), but we’re quite flexible. Current projects are using Android, Windows Phone and Python, but anything goes really – our main skill is that we can pick up new stuff fast.

Marketing Messages

For us marketing is User Experience – it’s the same thing. You have to get the key benefits of your product accross to your audience in seconds without clutter. Probably you’re currently not focusing on the right things. We can help you find the key marketing messages for your product, and tune the message for delivery.

Videos and Demos

We can make pretty nice marketing videos too! To be effective videos need to be one minute or less long, otherwise you’ve lost most of your audience. We work in Adobe AfterEffects and can combine your existing graphic assets, new graphic assets and live video to demonstrate the key selling points of your product or idea.

The Jet Melon Team

Ashley Colley

Founder and Lead

Ashley’s has 25 years industry experience. He’s worked in positions ranging from international marketing to engineering, but mostly related to User Experience. Ashley’s an inventor – his passion is to work with technology to create and refine new User Experiences hands-on.

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14 January, 2013